Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DIY door make over that's cheap, easy and not permanent!

I’m very lucky because our new rental house has an extra room on the main floor. That means I get to have a craft room on the main floor! The house being a rental does mean I don’t have complete freedom to change the rooms as I please so I’m somewhat limited in what I can do to the spaces. I also don’t want to spend a ton of money on a place we’re not sure how long we’ll be living in, so sometimes we have to get creative.

In my craft room there were these, uhm…not so beautiful doors. They are kind of cheap looking doors and I really didn’t need any mirrors in a room I’m crafting in (or am I the only one with strange facial expressions while crafting?). I couldn’t remove the doors easily and I kind of liked the idea of a storage cupboard with doors (the more of my mess I can hide, the better). I decided to turn to my new best friend; shelf lining!

It was a really easy DIY job and the result is really nice! First I measured my shelf lining (I bought mine at Walmart), making sure that the lining was a little wider than my mirrored doors. Trust me, you want to do that! Sticking the lining completely straight is impossible, leaving some overlap makes sure you have some margin to stick it not completely straight.

I then stuck the lining on the mirror. Just take a small portion of the backing of the lining and start sticking. Pull the backing as you gently push the lining on the mirror. Try to only push down the middle, take care of the edges later. It makes for less bubbles to push out afterwards.

After sticking the lining on and pushing the bubbles out I created a nice fold with my thumb on the sides of the mirror. Using a knife I cut the lining to size and I removed the excess lining.
And that’s it! The mirrors are now covered and if we move I can simply take the lining off. Everyone wins!

I’d love to hear how you solved an ugly door at your house!

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