Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentines school treat

Pretty soon we'll be celebrating Valentines. My girl obviously wanted to hand out a treat in class. And let’s be honest; I just love creating new stuff so figuring out a Valentines treat she can hand out in school is just fun for me. Luckily the shops started filling up their shelves with Valentines stuff right after new years’ so I had plenty of options to choose from. I didn’t want it to be expensive and I wanted to make it fun, so I started searching for stuff and inspiration.

How to make this cute Valentines school treat

I found really cute heart shaped boxes at Target (why oh why must they leave Canada???), they were just $1 for a bag of 6 boxes! There were bags with pink and red boxes and bags with multi colored boxes. I bought a combination of the two so the boys didn’t have to end up with pink boxes (because we know they really don’t want to). I bought heart shaped sweets at Dollarama and filled the boxes with a few sweets each.


I just love the idea of a bag with a personalized label, I can't help it, I just find it so darn cute. So I put the boxes in some bags I had laying around (I bought them a little while ago at Dollarama). I then made labels. Just measure how many labels will fit on one page and insert a table. You can then write whatever you want in the table. If you want double sided labels like I made them, be sure to use a text box for the upper line so you can easily rotate the text so that it’s upside down. Then just cut out the labels and attach those to the bags with the boxes.

Cute Valentines school treat, right?

My girl helped to fill the boxes and taste the sweets (which is a really important task obviously), she also made heart shaped name tags. She's really proud she can write so she wrote all the tags herself and decorated the tags.

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