Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's going to happen!

Ten months ago my husband and I were talking in front of our house in Holland. We were sitting in the sun and had it pretty much all very well. And still…we were a little afraid to admit to each other that we weren’t really happy. There was a sneaky uneasy feeling that we couldn’t quite find words for. The conversation evolved and in a few minutes we discovered what was wrong. Holland was wrong! Well, ok maybe the whole country wasn’t wrong, we really just discovered that our dreams couldn’t easily be accomplished in Holland. I think that at some level we had always known and that’s why the decision was made so easy and quickly. We were going to move abroad. After some careful consideration we had just one contender; Canada.

We researched, read and spoke to people and quickly found out that our only chance would be to find work in Canada in order to get a visa. But finding a job without a visa soon proved very difficult.  The more we spoke about our move, the more we talked about our dreams of a different lifestyle, the more willingness we found in others to help us. It felt quite magical actually. I know it sounds silly but we really felt as if there were doors opening all around us to help us find our way to Canada. So when my husband found a dream job we were almost afraid to say it out loud, but it felt like it was meant to be.  To be honest, we had some rough years and found ourselves in pretty deep lows at times and this seemed like a reward almost. The process was still difficult and a pretty bumpy road, but here we are; a job offer for one of the best jobs my husband could have wished for and waiting for our visa to come through!

We can finally say; it’s gonna happen! We’re moving to Canada!

This summer is our planned move and we are preparing like crazy. I’ve made checklists, to do lists, packing lists, well let’s just say I’ve got a list for everything. At least everything I could think of… :)  I’ll be posting about our preparations and everything I’m making for our four year old in order to make the transition as easy as possible for her.

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