Friday, January 23, 2015

Window dressing -Dutch style-

We finally have our rental house. It’s really quite nice but it has to become more ‘us’ for sure. The big window in the living room was a bit of an eyesore. We do want as much light flowing in as possible but we also wanted some privacy.
I didn’t want to just stick some contact foil on the window and be done with it. Since our living room is still quite empty, I really wanted to add something. After some thinking, I came up with a design of a row of Amsterdam canal houses. I drew some houses.
Transferred them to contact foil (mat clear, Walmart, Target and The Home Depot have some). And cut the houses. Luckily for me canal houses aren’t all straight and neat, so I could just cut it with my scissors. 

Then I just stuck the thing on the window. That was actually the most time consuming part. Getting it on straight and with as little bubbles as possible was quite the challenge. Just make sure you have plenty of time so you don’t have to rush and you’ll be fine! If you’re unsure, just try a small window first. The longer your design has to be, the more difficult the sticking is. My window was over 2 meters long and that was pretty hard.

As you might have noticed; the end result doesn’t have any windows and doors, but the design does. Well…. Ok it wasn’t all easy going… I did try a neat design with windows and doors cut out. It was very cool. But when it came to sticking it to the window… It was impossible to get on! Really, just believe me and don’t try it! Or maybe do and prove me wrong ;) 

This first DIY project was actually quite cheap and easy but I think the results are great! The little canal houses add character to the room and also provide excellent privacy without holding back any light. Give it a try and please let me know how it went!

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