Saturday, January 24, 2015

Preparing for our things

We’ve been in Canada for four months now and we’re really settling in nicely. Our house is feeling more like a home but we are very keen on finally getting our stuff from Holland. It will be a couple of weeks –we hope-. Then we can finally put in those cupboards, have a desk and decorations! I’m so excited about that!

The prospect of our things arriving does scare me a little bit as well. After living in an empty house for four months, we’re a little scared that the house will feel cramped and full. With the little girls birthday being over I can concentrate on getting the house ready for the arrival of our goods. I have already cleaned out some kitchen cabinets and I organized the pantry so the kitchen tools will hopefully fit. But I find myself constantly looking for space to put the things that will be arriving. I keep trying to remember what on earth filled those 70 boxes and where to put it all! I do know that we will have some boxes coming that have to be stored and our storage room…well isn’t really ready for storing things as it is filled with junk!

There is a cupboard arriving that we’ve decided will be in the living room and that will make space for all the craft tools for our girl (yes, I am to blame for the huge amount of craft stuff she has. I take full responsibility). That will free up a drawer in the built in cabinet, so we can store some of her toys in there. On top of her craft cabinet I will be making our charging station. I will organize all the cords and make a nice looking station we can charge our phones and devices. That junk-cord drawer will be gone and believe me; I can’t wait!!! Man, is that drawer a pain! It will also mean that I won’t be tripping over cords and chargers everywhere in the house anymore. It will be a relieve.

I still have to figure out what I’m going to do about our family command center. I kind of want it in our kitchen since it’s a place we spend a lot of time in. But there really isn’t that much room and it makes for a cramped space. Cramped obviously meaning ‘messy and unorganized’. Whenever I go on Pinterest (which is *cough* hardly ever, of course *cough*) I see these beautiful white desks, all organized with nice note boards, creating beautiful spaces to sit, take a note, make a call, hang a note and just be beautifully organized. I drool a little. I have a desk like that coming! And I have a spot for it too! It’s just not in the kitchen and that scares me a little. Yesterday I saw this giant beautiful chalkboard at Homesense (One of my absolute favorite shops!), I nearly bought it and I can’t get it out of my mind. It would look gorgeous above my desk. Maybe that chalkboard will win me over and will make me move my command center to the hallway.

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